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There are literally hundreds of truck & trailer dealers as well as online publications, marketplaces, noticeboards, auction houses, finance repossessions and wholesalers as well as rural and regional location specific ad sites. Not to mention many private companies, both large and small, who update their fleets continually.

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We offer two options;

Option 1. Call Me: We give you a quick 5‐minute phone call.

Option 2. Start My Search Now: Enter all the requested information online and we start searching for a suitable truck or trailer that matches your requirements.

What we do requires a human, as we send out your brief to the market, and also scour online rural, regional and major metro markets for you.

Alerts that match your specific asset guidelines, timeline and budget are linked to your file. When an alert is triggered, we send the truck or trailer straight to you.


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    How it works

    • We find your ideal truck or trailer for free
    • Don’t miss out on a deal becasue you don’t have time to look
    • Australia wide extensive linked network of retail truck dealers,
      wholesale truck dealers, auction houses, online & offline rural,
      regional, & city publications, private company fleets
    • Simply let us know your ideal truck or trailer make, model, age,
      price point & the approximate date you need it by & we will find the most suitable options for you
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