We work with a finance company that specializes in financing USED TRUCKS &

There is no age restriction and they can finance trucks or trailers up to 40
years of age.

➟They write LOW DOC loans so no TAX RETURNS or FINANCIALS are required, just a Drivers Licence, Medicare card, and a signed Privacy statement.
➟The rates they offer are are the cheapest available in the market for the
designated asset.
➟ No deposit loans are on offer.
➟ Sale Buy Backs are available where equity can be taken from an asset you
own outright to raise funds for a deposit if required, to purchase additional
assets or perhaps the funds to rebuild your engine.
➟The product offered is a “Straight Chattel Mortgage”, meaning that the only
security held is the asset itself, not your house or property.
In addition you can pay the loan out anytime without penalty, and the rate
and your repayments are fixed so monthly payments don’t go up when rates
go up.
➟There are no Fixed & Floating Charges, placed on all your assets like the
Banks tend to do.
➟Great care is taken with your credit file so as not to damage it as so many
credit scores drop significantly when the brokers shops the deal. Deals are
workshopped and a submission is not made unless we are very sure the
lenderis going to buy the deal.
➟ Loans can be booked in arrears meaning you can take delivery of the asset
and not have to make a payment for 30 days.
➟ The majority of approvals are granted within 48‐72 hours
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How it works

  • We find your ideal truck or trailer for free
  • don’t miss out on a deal becasue you don’t have time to look
  • Australia wide extensive linked network of retail truck dealers,
    wholesale truck dealers, auction houses, online & offline rural,
    regional, & city publications, private company fleets
  • Simply let us know your ideal truck or trailer make, model, age,
    price point & the approximate date you need it by & we will find the most suitable options for you
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